Condo Announcement System

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Client requirement


The client faced a number of problems related to their condominium. He decided to make a news declaration and each inhabitant is informed promptly. Decrease the endless phone calls and e-mails on the same issue whereas giving an extraordinary benefit to your inhabitants. Everybody needs to be within the circle and be mindful of what is happening in their community.

Solution We Provided


We develop a straightforward document management system for the condo owners to inform the ongoing work, pending work, completed work by email, and document. Help chat options can direct connect to the manager to resolve the problem.

Features and functionalities



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How it Works


Condo owner is more capable than a basic site. Inhabitants do not have to be visit the portal to know what is happening in their community. After you include substance to Condo owner everybody in your community is informed naturally!

Owners are informed instantly by emails. In most cases, only the property manager announces owners and residents of various issues by two types. First, globally to all condo owners can receive and second to an individual that owners are selected.

Store all your records in a central area. The property manager can get to and see these reports on their time. Admin has all the access to maintain the directory of users, units, and documents. Admin sends an email to users related to any change happens in the rules by the community. Admin has the right to update all changes regards to their units When the user sends a request. Admin has access to add, edit, and delete records of a user, notices, and documents. Each time a record is included to your condo owner entry all clients will be informed quickly! Only approved users have only access to download that document. Documents are stored on the condo owners portal so no need to worry about a loss of that of.

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