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The wait is over. Let’s kickstart this app development journey together. With Tridev Infotech’s app development solutions, you can deploy creative apps quickly & smoothly without sacrificing time or resources.

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Benefits of Mobile Application Development Services

By harnessing the power of our valuable resources, understanding the market and anticipating future trends, Tridev Infotech helps organizations build robust, scalable and customized mobile app solutions across several platforms and connected devices.

We accomplish this goal through innovation, process transformation and a five-step design thinking process. In the first stage of the design thinking process, we gain an empathic understanding of the problem that you are trying to solve.

Secondly, we define the problem and indulge in brainstorming where we devise novel ways to resolve the problem at hand. The fourth stage is the prototype phase where our designers will produce various miniature or downgraded versions of the same product or vital features within the same product.

Each version or feature is further analyzed to examine its potency, effectiveness, to get a clear idea of how users will respond to the final product. The last stage is the testing phase to iron out the flaws and deliver the best solution for you.

No matter how complex or unique your needs are, Tridev Infotech develops state-of-the-art mobile app solutions from start to finish. (right from conceptualization to app development) Our strength lies in our team of experts who possess the relevant experience & skills to deliver results for app development projects plus product engineering industries.

Not only that, our team of in-house and project-based associates (150+) include trained UX/UI designers, both IOS & Android developers, and quality testers to produce carefully planned and cleverly formulated mobile apps that can boost your business productivity while helping you take giant strides in progress.

    Application Development Cycle

    Through years of research & innovation, we have devised a perfectly calculated strategy to deliver optimal results. There are 7 phases to developing a robust & imposing application.


    Research and analysis

    Before embarking on the path to website or app development, it is vital to gather information about the client & the project. Once you provide developers with the relevant information pertaining to the client’s requirements & parameters to bear in mind, the developers will deliver accordingly. Most importantly, understand the purpose of the app/website, requirements & the end-user’s expectations to ensure that everyone is on the same page.


    Planning and development

    In the planning stage, you need to analyze each aspect of the website/app including marketing, design, technology, and content. Keeping in mind the analytics gathered in the previous stage, you can decide the best course of action regarding the product features, structure etc. Then, it is time to split members into different teams, each with a specific agenda. Planning a content structure, wireframe, selecting the technology stack, software development methodology are decisions to be made before website development. Next, you need to create a timemap, evaluate timelines, establish deliverables and allocation of resources are key aspects of planning followed by branding.


    Designing and wireframing

    Now that we have reached the design phase, it is time to involve the UX/UI designers for them to create a website layout. The layout provides designers with an information structure while giving clients a visual tour of the content plus the key features. Never forget the target audience’s preferences, and recent trends while creating a website/app. Make sure you incorporate attractive graphics, images, colors, videos & other media to grab visitor attention without straying from your website’s purpose and branding.



    Content is king and that is the universal truth. No matter how attractive your website is, without engaging content it will miss the mark. In this stage, it is crucial to create a communication channel using the user interface. Use clear and concise content with creative taglines, calls to action, while placing text with proper formatting and colors to make a great first impression. Don’t underestimate the power of good content because it can turn first time visitors & prospective clients into repeat customers. Understand the target audience’s problems & deliver solutions accordingly.


    Code and development

    The most pivotal aspect of website/app development is the actual development process itself where the website is developed from the client’s end as well as the server’s end. Along with front end and back end development, SEO activities should also form an integral aspect of a developer’s tasks because integrating these features can help your website rank higher on popular search engines.


    Testing and QA

    Post web/app development, rigorous testing is carried out to remove bugs in the system. Through unit testing, load testing, stress testing and other stringent testing methods, the quality assurance team analyzes the functionality, practicability, compatibility and performance of the website/app. Along with project consistency and efficient testing, it is necessary to make minor tweaks to SEO strategies & plugins to ensure effortless deployment. Performing testing while wireframing prevents loss of time & money in the latter stages of development.



    Once you receive the go-ahead from the QA team, the final product is ready to be deployed. The job is far from over because continuous feedback from users highlights areas of improvement plus regular maintenance is essential to ensure the optimal functioning of the website. Even if you entrust development to third-parties, never neglect maintenance because one mistake could cost you thousands of dollars.

    Mobile App Development Solutions We Specialize In

    There is no cookie-cutter approach to developing a mobile app. Each organization is different with unique goals and objects. Keeping your company’s goals and requirements including the target market, competitors, platform, pricing, design & marketing techniques, Tridev Infotech creates customized mobile applications.

    How We Can Add Value to the Mobile App Development Project ?

    Connecting with us is not just about connecting with an IT Firm, it’s also about connecting with your partner who adapts your goals and works to achieve your business objectives together. Yes, we work with you, not for you. Our transparent policies and our mission to transform business with technology solutions keep working in the betterment of the clients’ business. We can add value to your projects and the points are given below are the testament.


    Happy Clients


    Years In Business


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    Projects Finished


    Come to us with your mobile app ideas or project scope, and we help you create the best mobile application you desire. Building a mobile application involves plenty of factors, though having the right tech partner is the prime consideration.
    Based on your business, you need to create a monetization model. For example, if you create a vendor application, you may charge a commission, for ad and subscriptio9n based mode.
    Developing an app for your business is the need of the hour. It’s just about selling products and services online, but also about marketing, branding, and building trust among your tech-savvy customers. More than that, having a mobile app helps you expand your business without any regional boundaries. The dream of selling products and services to Canadian customers from NYC is possible through building a robust mobile application.

    It depends. The cost to build a mobile app depends on various factors. For example, it depends on

    The project scope

    Business niche,

    App complexities,

    The region where the app is to be developed hourly charges by the IT firms

    Number of features you want to integrate in your app and more

    It’s a matter of consultation. We can’t predict unless we go through your requiremnt. The best way to give assumption a reality is to connect with us and let us know how we can make it possible. We have developed 90% of the application for clients who had tight budets.
    Yes, it needs. However, when you build mobile app with us, we offer maintenance services so you don’t have connect with other for maintenance services. Besides, we also apply clean coding technique so you don’t face any issue if someone else take care of maintenance.
    If you develop an app with us, then we offer 3-6 months of free maintenance services. If you want us to maintain your app permanently, you may have pay a minimal charges. Trust, it will be affordable.